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Random Thought: Life: We are often surrounded by people who are looking and moving forward, yet still, we worry about what's in the past. We look occasionally over our shoulders to see how close we are from our former selves. Storman Family Photos - 2015-9330Storman Family Photos - 2015-9330

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STLCC NTHS Inductions St. Louis Community College's chapter of the National Technical Honor Society inducted 44 members at a ceremony held at it's Forest Park Campus. This year it was one district wide ceremony instead of one on each seperate campus. The honor society focuses on those students who are career and technical majors giving them access to scholarships and resources to help them succeed in college. Chancellor Pittman deliver a keynote speech in which he gave the students encouragement by stress their importance to the local economy. Check out more photos here STLCC NTHS Inductions Fall 2015-8801STLCC NTHS Inductions Fall 2015-8801NTHS Students pose for a group photo.

STLCC NTHS Inductions Fall 2015-8726STLCC NTHS Inductions Fall 2015-8726

STLCC NTHS Inductions Fall 2015-8731STLCC NTHS Inductions Fall 2015-8731

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Mizzou Protest November has been an eventful month at the University of Missouri. Students demanded the resignation of the University of Missouri system, Tim Wolf, due his inaction of address student body concerns. For decades black students have felt marginalized and and were subjected to racism. I traveled to MIZZOU to get their stories.

Links are stories I contributed to either by video and/or field producing.


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SCARY: Fire at Landfill coulld reach radioactive waste Westlake Landfill MSNBC SHIFT 101215-with bug-1-TEST

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TOP STORIES OF October 2015 Here are the top stories from October 2015

1. 10 dead in shooting at Oregon Community College via USA Today

2.Bacteria FOUND in SPACE via Science Magazine

IMG_4610PHOTO BY: Bradley J. Rayford

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#Ferguson: The Beginning: Day 2 - 9am #FERGUSON: THE Beginning-Day 2 9am Moments from Ferguson captured at 9:00 am August 10, 2014. Video Shot by Bradley J. Rayford

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ICYMI: West Lake Landfill Disscussed on MSNBC Shift Just in case you have been unaware, there is a fire at the Bridgeton Landfill in Bridgton, Mo. that has the potential of reaching radioactive waste illegally stored at the adjacent West Lake Landfill. The underground fire has been smoldering since 2010. Republic Services, the company that owns the landfill, has said that they have the situation under control but many residents think otherwise.


Check out our discussion HERE WEST LAKEICYMI:MSNBC Shift discusses West Lake LandfillSmoke billowing from an underground fire at the Bridgeton Landfill in Bridgeton, Missouri. The fire has the potential of making contact wilh radioactive waste at the adjacent West Lake Landfill.

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St. Louis Community College FV PTK Inductions St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley had it's Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society inductions on Thursday October 8, 2015. I had the honor of photographing the ceremony. Check out the photos.

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